House of Procurementcan support you with recruitment for procurement, sourcing and supply chain functions. Here we can both play an active role as a sparring partner
in the preparation of job descriptions and job adds or participate in screening CVs, conduct first interviews or enter as second opinion in final interviews or participate in other parts of the recruitment process. We support you in the part of the process where you need us and where we can contribute constructively and add value to your business.

We have experience from both sides of the table, both as a candidate and as a hiring manager. We know how important communication to the candidates is.
House of Procurement’s handling of these people will reflect on your business – whether you like it or not. We take this responsibility seriously and that is why it is so important that all parties have a good experience and that reliable and transparent communication is ensured throughout the complete process.

Profiling Tools

Of course, House of Procurement can also take on the whole task of finding the right candidate for the job and not least the culture of your business.

Our advisors are Garuda certified and uses “The Focus Profile”, which also offers seven additional profile tools and associated processes that qualify the recruitment process. The profile types can be used individually or together and with their consistently shared concepts, images and language, they are a powerful tool for creating synergy in larger strategic contexts in your organization.

For candidates / applicants

House of Procurement receives no unsolicited applications. Follow us on Linkedin, where you can view all job adds and get information on how to qualify for your next challenge. It is on LinkedIn and in other networking contexts that we strengthen our candidate base.

+45 61 27 97 87