Based on your company’s current situation and needs, House of Procurement will contribute to increased professionalization of your procurement and supply chain function and thereby create significant savings and efficiency improvements and increase earnings.

In short, we want to create a positive result on the bottom line by focusing on the unique starting point and the individual needs. And, based on the overall strategy of the company, ensure continuous optimization and consolidation of the supply chain, so that you always have the right supplier setup to meet demand and customer requirements, as well as to exploit the commercial value.


Are you in control of your processes and interfaces to key stakeholders in your own and external organizations?

House of Procurement can verify, optimize and/or develop new or existing processes and structures. We have years of experience working with various international standards – including Quality Assurance and Quality Management Systems such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. As well as establishing Procure-2-Pay processes and implementing category management or the development of the purchasing department from scratch. We ensure the right cross-functional cooperation with regard to procurement and other internal stakeholders.

Are you in control of your spend? How much of your total revenue actually makes up your purchasing volume?

As a starting point, House of Procurement will always recommend an analysis of your company’s spend (purchasing volume) and supplier base. A strategic approach to managing all aspects of the procurement cycle (Procure-2-Pay), as well as a structured way of organizing and managing all procurement activities is critical. Too often you see companies allocate orders and significant spend directly and without competition and as a tactical or ad hoc purchase.

The result is a very highly fragmented spend on an excessive number of suppliers, less purchasing power (balance of power) and increased costs and risk, without real opportunity to take advantage of all the opportunities that lie in a strategic approach and SRM. It is your own data, forecast and history that holds a lot of untapped potential in relation to improvements, optimization, savings and not least cash flow. With a focus on Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), we can consolidate your supply chain and thereby reduce costs and generate significant annual savings.

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Have you aligned your strategy with market analysis and relevant benchmarks?

Benchmarking is not an aim in itself, but a tool for gathering and analyzing suppliers, market activities and market behavior. A systematic approach to this can, over time, create a more efficient and competitive supply chain. House of Procurement will ensure that collaborations with the relevant suppliers are in line with the overall strategy as well as executive management and ongoing projects.

We do this by identifying the possibilities within the individual categories, analyzing current and historical spend and identifying possible new suppliers. Based on these data we prepare necessary benchmarks and business cases.

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Do you have control over your legal framework and have the right focus on risk management in your supply chain?

Contracts are a tool that must facilitate the possibility of achieving specific business goals. Effective risk management can identify internal or external risks that may otherwise contribute to your company not realizing its financial and strategic goals. House of Procurement can negotiate or renegotiate, as well as develop your framework and price agreements.

We have many years of experience from complex international negotiations of for instance confidentiality agreements (NDA), price agreements, various sales- and procurement contracts, frame contracts and licensing agreements. We can support you or take the lead in any negotiation, and this in both Danish, English and German.

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Is your business strategy aligned and rooted in the procurement strategy?

House of Procurement knows how important it is that the procurement and supply chain strategy is aligned and calibrated to the company’s overall strategy, so that the full potential of your entire business is utilized. The same goes for external strategic partners becoming a perpetual source of innovation and quality and delivery security. All too often, silo thinking or the lack of involvement of procurement limits the opportunities to create cost savings. The barriers increase the risk, and breaking them down can have a significant impact.

That is why it is so important that the entire organization is aligned and at House of Procurement we have great experience in ensuring just the right cross-functional cooperation with regard to procurement and other internal stakeholders, ensuring an integrated and successful implementation of the strategy.

House of Procurement has extensive experience in analyzing the as-is situation and from there defining, developing and implementing new and optimized processes and procedures that support the procurement strategy and focus on your risk management.

House of Procurement can support you or independently drive the development of a detailed strategy and action plans to support the overall objectives of your business.

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Did you start your digital transformation journey?

House of Procurement can support you in your digital development. International studies show that procurement is typically the slowest part of the organization to implement (new) technologies – and this is often due to a lack of data and process maturity. In addition to a basic foundation of data and processes, it is important that the digital journey is rooted in the overall strategy and is seen as a real value add for all stakeholders in the organization.

Whether it is with an automated billing process, reporting system or with spend or performance management (KPI) analytics tools, a common advantage of them all is that you will have more time to work strategically and optimize the purchasing department’s real value creation.

House of Procurement does not have in-house digital solutions, but we have the network to facilitate the right solution for you. And while it may seem like a “digital jungle”, it is important to get the process started so that you are not left behind in the market and in digital development.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

House of Procurement fully recognizes the importance of a sustainable supply chain, and we can support you in promoting environmentally conscious and responsible procurement. You can for instance do this by incorporating some of the UN’s global goals into your procurement strategy and focusing on it in the processes. At the same time, you can develop and raise awareness of your suppliers and focus on sustainability and drive your suppliers in a positive direction.

As with digitalization, this can seem like a daunting task. But the most important thing is to get the process started, even if it is with small steps – and one at a time – but start the process. We are happy to help you along the way on this journey as well.

Read more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals here.

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