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House of Procurement provides professional and reliable advisory within procurement and supply chain management – at eye level and without the typical consultancy approach and ‘consultancy language’. We offer consulting based on more than 20 years of hands-on experience – from real life.

Our goal is to create real value for you. Together with you, we will create sustainable savings, efficiency improvements and increased profits for your business.
We believe that everyone has the right to exploit the potential of their supply chain.

House of Procurement believes in the following basic principles:

Procurement – is core business

which makes a sustainable, long-term contribution to a company’s success. When you step away from the idea that procurement is just “the department that buys things” and

look at it strategically, you will see that effective procurement and real Supplier Relationship Management can actually increase sales margins and revenue, build brand value and bring outside knowledge and innovation into your own organization. On top of that, the share of the total spend, in the business-to-business market, typically averages over 50% of the company’s total revenue.

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Procurement – is SRM

and only through credible Supplier Relationship Management can you make product development in areas that neither you nor the supplier can identify on your own.

Collaboration is necessary to optimize costs, generate growth and develop new concepts. Competitiveness is based on detailed understanding of supplier costs – not just “old school” negotiations. You will not gain an advantage over your competitors by (unreasonably) pushing your suppliers, but by working with them (as partners) in a constructive way to increase supply chain efficiency and by developing common cost initiatives.

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Procurement – is brand value

when your supply chain is actively used as an extension of your own organization. What your customers think about your business is also shaped by what your suppliers do and

what they deliver. By managing risks in the supply chain you can build brand value. Especially in industries where suppliers also interact directly with customers, it is important for your brand that you control supplier relationships and risk management. The way we treat our suppliers (communication, reliability, on-time payment, etc.) will be reflected in your brand and reputation in the industry.

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Procurement – can increase your margin significantly

when you effectively source goods or services etc., you increase your profit potential – which is, of course, sales less costs. The money you save goes directly to your bottom line.

Using e.g. category management and effective supplier management through strategic partnerships and professional procurement strategies can allow you to increase visibility in your spend (costs) and create long-lasting, loyal relationships with suppliers. This will help you create cash flow optimization, savings and not at least to avoid unnecessary costs.

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Procurement – is value for your customer

when you adjust your supply chain to the needs and requirements of your end customers and the market, procurement can add value to the end customer. Customers are interested in the total value of a product (not just TCO).

Procurement – can increase your sales and revenue

when you have strong relationships with the right suppliers, it enables the development of new concepts that allows you to be faster to market, ensures production capacity,

improves quality, ensures price flexibility and drives innovation through your supply chain. This will ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction and thus increased sales and revenue.

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It is all about utilizing the strength and capabilities of the supply chain.

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