Your benefits of hiring an interim manager are many:

  • you can quickly and effectively fill an acute gap in your organization
  • you can quickly close the gap between two hires
  • You can quickly add competencies in procurement and supply chain to your business
  • you can save money on total labor costs (ATP, insurance, pension, holiday pay, sick days, etc.)
  • you do not increase your head-count by using an external interim manager
  • you only pay a fixed monthly rate for your interim manager (no hidden fees or hourly rates)
  • you have no binding period (unless otherwise agreed) on the length of the assignment, which typically runs 3-9 months


CPO – Director Procurement – Procurement Manager – Director- or Head of Supply Chain Management…

If you are temporarily missing a responsible manager for your procurement or supply chain organization, House of Procurement can help you quickly and efficiently with the missing pieces.

If you lack the resources to close the gap between two hires, or your manager is on sick- or maternity leave or otherwise long-term absent, then House of Procurement can help you with an interim solution, so that you don’t lose momentum in the ongoing work.

If you lack a strong procurement and/or supply chain profile that, over a shorter or longer period, can build and structure your supply chain and create an overview of your spend, then House of Procurement can help you get started, allowing a more junior and operational function carrying out the task long-term, based on the established procedures and guidelines.

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